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Thursday, 10 October 2019

Mental Health Awareness Day, Adult ADHD & Executive Dysfunction - Myths and Facts

We're proud to say that today (which happens to be #MentalHealthAwarenessDay) we not only helped someone understand a bit more about #ADHD - which is nice, as it's #ADHDAwarenessMonth - we also helped them understand about how Executive Dysfunction doesn't just affect people with mental illness.

By the end of our conversation, they decided they will definitely ask their GP for a referral for an ADHD assessment - when previously another GP had apparently told them:
(a) the NHS doesn't recognise this condition in adults - it most certainly does - and
(b) they should perhaps get a referral for a mental health assessment instead.

Today we also helped someone else write a letter to appeal against their PIP benefits being stopped. They clearly experience extreme difficulties with Executive Functioning, and will be incapable of functioning "normally" until the root cause of their extreme anxiety and ill health (probably ADHD and Autism) is diagnosed and treated.

Is it any wonder that people end up frustrated and with mental health problems when they have to contend with a system which doesn't fully understand that there are conditions other than mental ill health that can result in Executive Dysfunction - conditions that prevent someone from being able to function "normally" and conform to social norms, like being able to hold down jobs or relationships.

Wake up NHS England and NHS Improvement - these are not isolated cases!

#ADHMyths #ADHDAwarenessMonth. ADHD Awareness Month #ExecutiveDysfunction #Equality #PersonCentred #HealthPolicy

To discover myths and facts about ADHD, check out the ADHD Europe website -

For more information about ADHD, check out the ADDIS website -

And if Executive Dysfunction is causing you to have problems with clutter, disorganisation or hoarding which is affecting your health, then try using the Hoarding Ice-Breaker Form to start a conversation with your GP. - 

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