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Monday, 14 May 2018

Professional Hoarding Practitioner Training - developing the next generation

Our new PROFESSIONAL HOARDING PRACTITIONER training was launched at The National Hoarding Conference on Monday 14th May, at the start of Hoarding Awareness Week 2018 

Click on the video to find out about it, or read on...

Cherry Rudge (founder of Rainbow Red and creator of the Hoarding Ice-Breaker Form) is delighted to once again have joined forces with fellow pioneering hoarding expert Heather Matuozzo of Clouds End CIC, to create specialist training designed to develop the next generation of Professional Hoarding Practitioners.

This time we're absolutely thrilled to be joined by fellow Hoarding Practitioner Specialist
Jo Cooke of Hoarding Disorders UK CIC, author of the go-to book "Understanding Hoarding".

Our new Level One course builds on the historical and highly successful Hoarding Awareness Training that was run for Members of The Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers back in 2014.  Here's what people said about it:

"The 'Working with Hoarders' training day today in Reigate was brilliant! Thank you both Cherry and Heather (and Andy and Vassoulla). I feel my understanding of my work is improved whether I eventually work with serious hoarding or not."

"Very insightful and I believe a must for everybody working with hoarders or contemplating to do so.  
What a brilliant day!   Thanks so much." 

Thanks Heather and Cherry - found it very useful, not least as it really brought home what 
working with hoarders might involve."

Our Level One training another a one day course, once again designed to give professional practitioners an insight into the types of challenges that are likely to be faced when working with people affected by extreme clutter.  

Topics include:

  • Identifying the traits of hoarders
  • Hoarding disorder - mental illness & other health challenges
  • Conducting interviews and assessments & report writing
  • Introducing the Clutter Image Rating Scale
  • Information from the Fire & Rescue Service about:
    • Fire safety and how to prevent fires in the home
    • Safe and Well visits (formerly known as Home Fire Safety visits), and follow-up actions
  • Legal aspects including The Care Act 2014
  • Safeguarding and Self-Neglect
  • Social housing and Hoarding Taskforces / working with multiple-agencies
  • Social Services, direct payments, etc
  • Eviction and re-housing
  • Practical challenges – getting rid of stuff, short-term storage, etc
  • Hoarder support and self-help groups
  • Safeguarding ourselves as Professional Practitioners

By the end of the day, attendees will have a better understanding of some of the complexities they’d be letting themselves in for by working with people who live with extreme amounts of clutter, and be better placed to decide whether it makes sense for them personally, or for their business. 

Our aim is to build a community of professional friends and colleagues who follow common best practices when working with people affected by hoarding behaviours, and support each other through what can be challenging and sometimes emotionally draining experiences. 

Cherry, Heather and Jo are all Accredited as trainers by The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) and NCFE.

Cost:  £175, including refreshments and lunch, plus a FREE one hour mentoring session. 

Dates & Venues:   

  • London
    • Wednesday 11th July 2018 - Wimbledon
    • Other dates to be confirmed
  • Birmingham 
    • Dates to be confirmed
  • Leeds 
    • Dates to be confirmed
To book or for more information, please contact Jo Cooke:

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