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Monday 4 June 2018

UK Landlord Magazine - May 2018 - Why hoarding matters

The May 2018 issue of UK Landlord Magazine (published by The National Landlords Association - NLA) includes an interview with Cherry Rudge of Rainbow Red about how landlords should tread carefully when faced with problematic amounts of stuff caused by hoarding behaviours.   

The article tied in with Hoarding Awareness Week, and suggests approaches landlords should take if they discover tenants who exhibit hoarding behaviours that affect:

  1. the safety of people living in the property (or that of neighbours and others in the community)
  2. the functionality of the home
  3. the tenant's ability to abide by their tenancy agreements

The article recommends landlords consider the S.M.I.L.E. acronym, as an empathetic person-centred approach is proven to be far more effective than putting a vulnerable person (who may be self-neglecting) through the trauma of forced clear-out or eviction proceedings.
  • Safety first 
  • Mental health and well-being 
  • Imagine how you’d want to be treated if the tables were turned
  • Levels on the Clutter Image Rating Scale (CIR) 
  • Emotions, empathy and empowerment

Cherry - who is the daughter of a hoarder - was invited to contribute to the magazine, after attending two days of NLA training - a Foundation course and a Safer Homes.

To read the article, click here.

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