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Thursday 28 February 2019

Hoarding Ice-Breaker Form - International versions

It's with ENORMOUS pleasure that we're delighted to announce that our Hoarding Ice-Breaker form has been recognised by the ICD (Institute of Challenging Disorganization).

And thanks to our good friend and fellow Professional Hoarding Practitioner Hilde HW Verdijk of Yourganize in The Netherlands, the ice-breaker has been translated into Dutch, tweeked to suit the Dutch users, and is now being widely distributed by ICD members in Holland.

We're also HUGELY grateful to ICD Member Nacho Eguiarte of Nach Organiza in Mexico for doing a grand job of translating the Hoarding Ice-Breaker into Spanish.

All being well, other languages will follow soon - watch this space!

Our hope is that people whose health has been affected by hoarding behaviours or chronic disorganisation will use the ice-breaker form to start a conversation with their GP or medical professional, and hopefully get signposted to get a diagnosis which will help them get appropriate help and support.

Click below to view and download the following versions:

Click here for more information, or follow the Hoarding Ice-Breaker Form on Facebook, where you'll find articles about health related to hoarding and chronic disorganisation.

To contact Cherry Rudge - creator of the ice-breaker form - please email or phone 07931 303310.