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Monday 2 September 2019

Cherry Rudge & Rainbow Red in the media & newsletters

Cherry Rudge - owner of Rainbow Red - is a pioneer in the UK decluttering and organising industry.

She is proud to have been raising awareness of the importance of using an holistic, person-centred, empathetic, non-judgemental, non-confrontational approach to help people affected by clutter since 2011.

Positions held
Here are a few examples of where you'll find her mentioned in newspapers, magazines, articles or interviews:

September 2019
2nd September - Talk Radio Europe - Breakfast show interview (with Hannah Murray) about hoarding disorder and the Hoarding Ice-Breaker Form (listen to the clip on the Hoarding Ice-Breaker Form website)

August 2019
24th August - Mail on Sunday - "Hate chucking stuff out?  How to tell if you have a hoarding disorder, and the warning signs to look out for"

18th August - Sunday Telegraph - Stella Magazine - "My dad's dementia healed our broken relationship"

January 2019
BBC Surrey Radio - 24th Jan 2019 - talking about Marie Kondo's Netflix decluttering programme, "sparking joy" and how it differs from working with people who have hoarding behaviours
Fast foward to 2hrs 23mins -

May 2018

May 2017
Thanked for her contribution on the acknowledgement page of Jo Cooke's insightful book "Understanding Hoarding" (published by Sheldon Press).  

  • Diagram of how the ADHD brain works in the context of clutter, disorganisation & hoarding
  • Account of her experiences as the daughter of a hoarder, including clearing his home when he died

January 2017

Mentioned in an article by journalist Toby Walne that was published in The Mail on Sunday and The NZ Herald.

Sept 2016
Getting organised outdoors - article in House Beautiful magazine 

January 2015
Featured in Age UK Mobility's article on "How to Safely Declutter Your Home".

May 2014
Brooklands Radio - Interview - Just Women - 20-May-2014
Promoting UK Hoarding Awareness Week - attending Parliamentary launch

January 2013
House Beautiful Magazine (Feb 2013 issue) - The Big Declutter (decluttering supplement)

Brooklands Radio - Interview - Fabulous Women Show 

October 2013
Cherry's hints and tips are mentioned in an article entitled "Organising Outdoors" in House Beautiful magazine.

November 2012
apdo-uk Newsletter - getting organised for Christmas

Healthy Planet (charity) - Stuff For Free Event - North London (Waltham Forest) 24-Nov

October 2012
Surrey Today - 18-Oct - Transition Ashtead helping people clear out for Christmas

apdo-uk Newsletter - office organisation

July 2012
apdo-uk Blog - What does it take to get you motivated enough to declutter and get organised?

June 2012
apdo-uk Newsletter - L of a lesson to beat moving day hell

April 2012
Anxiety UK (charity) website - Announcing partnership with apdo-uk

March 2012
Snapshot from the YouTube video showing Cherry (APDO's then Marketing & Partnerships Officer) addressing attendees at their annual conference.

February 2012
Serene Healing Blog - Feng Shui & "Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management"

March 2011
Radio Wey interview on The Wonderful Wacky Wireless Radio Show - Carers Week