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Tuesday 28 July 2020

Families need support too

Client testimonials are always very much appreciated, and this one 
- from a lovely lady who contacted me for advice because she was concerned about her mother - absolutely made my day!

"I contacted Cherry during lock down due to my mother being taken extremely unwell. We received a phone call from the paramedic who attended to my mother, who had a very frank conversation as to how bad our mum's home was. He stated that in the future they may not be able to attend to her address due the appalling house condition. Mum's prospects at this time was very uncertain and even if she was to survive, then she couldn't return home due to her health and the home conditions.  

What the paramedic wasn't aware of was the years/ decades of battling we have had to try to get her to resolve the issue. It came to a point where her adult children had to choose not to go to her house because it was so upsetting. It was not through not trying, I have lost count how many times we have been to her house to try help get it into a habitable state or encouraged her to access service to support her in doing so, but due to her such poor self esteem, confidence and not wanting to lose any of her possessions this just wasn't achievable.  This life changing event forced our hand to face up to the situation and get professional help. This is where Cherry came into our lives.....


I called Cherry in March, as a stuttering, bumbling mess on the phone. Feeling helpless, bewildered, hopeless and most of all embarrassed. Cherry was absolutely amazing, she reassured, listened, empathised, had a complete understanding and most importantly made me feel supported and there could be a way forward. Cherry wasn't able to take on our mum as a client but she could hear my desperation and  promised she would look into it to see if she could find another professional to support her. Cherry supported myself and my sister via phone calls and emails. My sister suffers anxiety and had baby twins to contend with. I have a young family and working full time in a very stressful and demanding job. Cherry was completely understanding and worked around us. 


Cherry was able to connect us to Simon who is also a professional de-clutter and hoarder supporter. We managed to persuade our mum to meet Cherry and Simon via a video link. They offered her understanding, encouragement and strategies to encourage her to start making small steps forward. Sadly our mum didn't agree to work with Simon, we believe this because she has had a difficult life which she had little control and she wants to be in charge of her decisions now. However from their conversation it has spurred our mum on to start making the changes she so desperately needs to make. When she was fitter enough, she returned home and has started to clear the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, fingers crossed she can continue.


 I truly wish she had made the better choice of working with Simon. Myself and my brother and sister believe that this would have changed her life as it's not a straight cut solution of clearing a house, she would absolutely have benefited from the confidence and self esteem that would have come from Simon and Cherry's support. 


My family wants to whole heartily thank Cherry and Simon for there support through one of the toughest times". 

 Which just goes to show, it's not about the stuff, 

it's always about the people!

Finally, I must say a big thank you to my APDO colleague Simon Wigzell of 
Let's Get It Sorted for the calm and reassuring way he supported the family 
- and me!