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Thursday 5 March 2015

Don't pour unwanted medicines down the sink or toilet - become an Antibiotic Guardian instead

Rather than pour out-of-date and unwanted medicines down the sink or toilet (which could mean the drugs then get into the environment or water we drink), we regularly take unwanted medication from decluttering clients to pharmacies for safe disposal. 

Plus, did you know that antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats facing us today?  

Without effective antibiotics, many routine treatments will become increasingly dangerous. Setting broken bones, basic operations, even chemotherapy all rely on access to antibiotics that work. 

Even large corporations are finally realising the impact that over or mis-use of antibiotics can have.  

According to an article on the BBC website today, in a bid to win back customers amid slowing sales, global restaurant chain McDonald's has announced they are to begin reducing the use of antibiotics in its chicken products; they will focus on removing those antibiotics than can have an impact on human health, but keep those necessary for poultry welfare.

Cherry Rudge of Surrey-based professional organising firm Rainbow Red has pledged to be an #AntibioticGuardian.  You can make a pledge too via

So why not join her and pledge to be an Antibiotic Guardian, and help her safeguard this precious commodity, and the human race?  

On behalf of this and future generations, thank you.

For more information about antibiotics and how to become an Antibiotic Guardian click on the links below and check out the websites for:

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