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Saturday 1 October 2016

Why Rainbow Red?

People often ask me why I named my business Rainbow Red.  Well, there are various parts to my answer:

  1. I love rainbows
  2. I love colourful things
  3. I wanted my logo to have an uplifting symbol that makes people smile, and gives hope
  4. Red happens to be my favourite colour
  5. Cherries are red (all sorts of different shades of red)
  6. In colour-therapy, red is considered to be a balancing/grounding colour that is supposed to give courage and strength

Hand on heart I promise I had no idea at the time of all the other connections that rainbows have!  Amongst other things:

  1. The rainbow is a symbol of people who are lesbiangaybisexual, transgender or questioning (their sexuality)/queer (LGBTQ) pride and LGBT social movement
  2. The rainbow-colored infinity symbol (right) is often used as a symbol for the diversity of the autism spectrum as well as neurodiversity in general.
    1. Note:  I now believe that a large proportion of my older clients have undiagnosed Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC)
  3. Junior Girlguides are called Rainbows
  4. There's a fab UK children's charity called the Rainbow Trust
  5. hard rock heavy metal band - not really my cup of tea! 

And then, of course, there's the fab tv show called Rainbow that was a childhood favourite from the 1970s! 

So I'll stick to the association with uplifting rather than ear-splitting images/things if you don't mind, and leave you with a photo taken today at Hampton Court Palace after my husband and I had proudly walked round the gardens to see all 15 fabulous unearthed gnomes (I helped create Umbriel of the Tiltyard, with my friends from the Fastminds and Unique ADHD Groups) - the best way to end a superb day!