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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Fire & Rescue Service - Safe & Well

We're proud to have a great working relationship with the fab folks at our local Fire & Rescue Service in Surrey (UK), and feel privileged to have been allowed to take part in various Fire & Rescue Service training and Fire Station Open Days, to promote the Hoarding Ice-Breaker Form (designed for people to start a conversation with their GP if their health has been affected by clutter, disorgansation, hoarding, compulsive shopping or compulsive collecting.

Rainbow Red's founder - Cherry Rudge - has been working with multiple agencies across Surrey (including Surrey FRS) to create a Hoarding & Self-Neglect Protocol for Surrey, which will hopefully be published in 2019. 

We're also very proud of the safety leaflet that Cherry  co-designed with them, as she contributed practical hints and tips designed to help people get started at decluttering and making their homes safer.

The Fire & Rescue Service offers FREE Safe & Well visits, aimed at allowing people to live safer and more independent lives. The safety leaflets are offered when risks are identified that could result in a fire or accident occuring due to clutter in a home.

Here are some of the photos and videos we've filmed whilst we've been at Fire & Rescue Service events, to help raise awareness of fire safety in the home, and our Hoarding Ice-Breaker form.  

Walton-on-Thames Fire Station Open Day 2018 - Sat 15th September 2018
Chip Pan fire
Hoarding Ice-Breaker Stand ready for action!

Another event, another visiting Mayor! Learning about Telecare


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